Mission Exploration Team (MET) News & Links
Members of MET include: Kip Cushing, Jim DeFranco, Pat Gallo, Andy & Carol Schroeder, Sue VanBendegom and Mark & Lisa Zanin

The MET (mission Exploration Team) works on the Mission Exploration Process and the Ministry Site Profile when calling a new senior pastor. It is important in several ways. First, it provides the opportunity to review and asses the mission and ministry of the congregation (VSP - Vision and Strategic Planning Team provided thorough information prior to MET with our Thanks!) Second, it provides the Call Committee with basic information and a description of leadership needs which will guide their work, and Thirdly, the profile will assist the Bishop in recommending candidates to be considered by the Call Committee. We ask for prayers for this MET membership, and prayerfully ask you to consider being on the call committee.