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St. Mary's Lutheran Church - 2001 80th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53143-5899



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  St. Mary's Lutheran Church is a member

of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - ELCA.




Welcome to St. Mary's Lutheran Church 


 Senior Pastor, David P. Raben

Associate Pastor, Sheila Rawn    





September 7

Fall Worship Schedule Resumes

(8am & 10:30am, 

9:15am Education Hour)


Text for September 20 / 21

Matthew 5:11-12, Genesis 39:1-23

Text for September 27 / 28

Matthew 2:13-15, Exodus 14:10-14, 21-29





Education/Bible Studies


Sunday School

Online Registration http://jotform.us/form/42234583441148

Nursery School - St. Mary’s Lutheran Nursery School. If you have questions,  please call the Nursery School office at 652-7264 or email preschool@stmaryslutheran.org

Middle School/FISH

High School Youth




Music Ministries include:


Vocal choirs for all ages, Bell choirs, Instrumental Ensembles












Church In Society - CUSH, ELCA Outreach Center, Shalom Center, Women of the ELCA, Youth and Family Ministry - Crossroads,  The Friendly Center, Senior Ministry, Caring Ministries, Grief Ministry, Stephen Ministries, Health Ministry

Volunteer Services - Helping Hands,  Caritas, Carpenters for Christ, Oasis, Adopt a Garden, Coffee Serving, Altar Guild, Scripture Readers,  Nursery, Greeters




The Spirit Newsletter for February 2014

 The Spirit Newsletter for March 2014

The Spirit Newsletter for April 2014

 The Spirit Newsletter for May 2014

 The Spirit Newsletter for June 2014

The Spirit Newsletter for July 2014

 The Spirit Newsletter  will be available through your email due to website issues.


St. Mary's Endowment Foundation


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